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Medical Services

Medical Services located in Salida and Gunnison, CO

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, protecting you from outside invaders. At Salida Dermatology in Salida and Gunnison, Colorado, Sheree Beddingfield, PA-C, and Sascha Anastas, PA-C, provide dermatology medical services to prevent, diagnose, and treat conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. For comprehensive dermatology medical services, call or book an appointment online today. 

Medical Services Q&A

What are dermatology medical services?

Dermatology medical services refer to the medical management of conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. Dermatology is an area of medicine that specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. 

Whether you have concerns about a rash, acne, or wrinkles, the experts at Salida Dermatology can diagnose and treat your condition, as well as provide recommendations to prevent problems now and in the future. 

What are some of the types of medical services?

Salida Dermatology is a general and cosmetic dermatology practice that offers many medical dermatology services. Some of these services include:


Skin checks

Skin cancer affects one out of every five people in America. Skin checks are Salida Dermatology’s skin cancer screening service. The experts examine your skin from head to toe, looking for abnormalities that require further treatment.


Skin cancer

Salida Dermatology specializes in diagnosing skin cancer and providing treatment recommendations, including Mohs surgery. 



Ance is a common skin condition that benefits from professional dermatology care. When left untreated, acne can lead to permanent scarring. Salida Dermatology customizes care plans to clear up your blemishes and improve the health and look of your skin.



Medical services at Salida Dermatology also include diagnosing and treating rosacea, a chronic skin condition that affects the face.



Salida Dermatology takes a comprehensive approach to skin care. As you get older, your skin changes, making you more susceptible to skin conditions like skin cancer, as well as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Anti-aging medical services at Salida Dermatology focus on preventing and treating these common age-related skin concerns. 


Pediatric skin concerns

Salida Dermatology provides dermatology medical services for all ages, including infants, children, and teens. Common pediatric skin concerns include rashes, cradle cap, and acne. 

Whatever skin, hair, or nail concern you have, Salida Dermatology can provide the expert, patient-centered care you’re looking for. 

What treatments are part of medical services?

Your skin care expert at Salida Dermatology customizes your dermatology medical services care plan based on your individual skin issues and goals. Treatment may include changing your skin care routine, prescription dermatology medications, or laser treatments.

Salida Dermatology works one-on-one with you, developing a plan that improves the look and health of your skin.

For expert dermatology medical services, call Salida Dermatology or click the online booking button today.