Cancer Surgery

Cancer Surgery

Cancer Surgery services offered in Salida, CO

Skin cancer surgery removes all of the cancerous cells from a mole or lesion with uncontrolled cell growth. At Salida Dermatology, Chaffee County’s premier dermatology center with offices in Salida and Gunnison, Colorado, Sheree Beddingfield, PA-C, Sascha Anastas, PA-C, and Janelle Wolek, APRN, use Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer alongside more conventional skin cancer surgeries. Call Salida Dermatology or reserve an appointment online for your next skin exam today. 

Cancer Surgery Q&A

What are the most common types of skin cancer?

Salida Dermatology uses skin cancer surgery to treat several of the most common types of skin cancer, which are typically caused by damage in your skin cells from ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. 

Almost 100% of diagnosed skin cancer cases are one of these three types:


Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)

BCC is the most common form of skin cancer and is frequently found on the face, arms, and other sun-exposed areas. It grows slowly and is typically quite easy to treat if you detect it early. 


Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

SCC also routinely appears on sun-exposed areas of skin. It typically looks like a flat red spot that becomes crusty and can bleed.  



Melanoma is the most severe of the three main types of skin cancer. It grows and spreads faster than the others, so early diagnosis is critical. Typically, melanoma appears as a new or changing mole. 

How do I know if skin cancer surgery is necessary?

If you see an unusual lesion or notice changes in a mole you’ve had your entire life, it’s time to visit Salida Dermatology for a skin examination. Your provider might encourage you to book routine skin exams for skin cancer if you have a personal or family history of it. 

Your provider at Salida Dermatology examines the mole or lesion themselves, and if it could be skin cancer, they test the tissue with a biopsy. A biopsy involves removing some of the tissue directly from the mole or lesion, or the entire lesion, for a closer evaluation in a lab. 

How should I prepare for skin cancer surgery?

Skin cancer surgery removes the cancerous skin cells and underlying tissue one layer at a time. Salida Dermatology uses Mohs surgery, an advanced form of skin cancer surgery that preserves as much healthy skin and tissue around the lesion as possible. 

Before you undergo skin cancer surgery, your provider advises you to:

  • Adjust or avoid certain medications
  • Clear your schedule for the entire day (you won’t know how long Mohs will take)
  • Dress comfortably
  • Bring something to pass the time (e.g., a book, electronic device)
  • Eat before your visit

If Mohs surgery isn’t a good fit for your skin cancer removal, the team might use another strategy like excision or cryosurgery. 

Schedule your next skin exam online or over the phone at Salida Dermatology for more information on skin cancer surgery today.