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The extra pocket of fat under the chin is stubborn and may not go away with diet and exercise. But Sheree Beddingfield, PA-C, and Sascha Anastas, PA-C, and Janelle Woleck, APRN, at Salida Dermatology in Salida and Gunnison, Colorado, can get rid of your double chin with Kybella®. This cosmetic injection dissolves the fat, improving your profile. Call Chaffee County’s premier dermatology center today or request an appointment online to learn more about how Kybella can help you.

Kybella Q&A

What is Kybella?

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for moderate to severe submental fullness, the accumulation of fat under the chin.

Submental fullness, also called a double chin, is a common problem. Some people are born with extra fullness, while others develop it with weight gain or aging. 

Deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in Kybella. It’s a natural substance your liver makes that helps break down fat during digestion. It works similarly when injected into the fat under the skin, breaking down the fat cells.

Your body removes the destroyed fat cells from the area, creating a leaner profile.

I’m at my goal weight but still have a double chin. Can Kybella help me?

Submental fullness may not improve with diet and exercise. Even if you’re at your goal weight, you may still have the extra pocket of fat under the chin.

Salida Dermatology uses Kybella to treat moderate to severe submental fullness in adults. If you’re unhappy with the extra fat under your chin, Kybella might work for you.

What can I expect during treatment with Kybella?

The dermatology experts at Salida Dermatology perform your Kybella injections at the office. They customize your treatment plan so you get the best results. You may need up to six Kybella treatment sessions every four weeks to get the best results.

During each session, they administer multiple small injections into the fat under the chin. Total treatment takes about 20 minutes, and you may get up to 50 injections in one session.

After injections, you may experience redness, swelling, and bruising under the chin. However, there’s no downtime, and you can resume your usual routine after. 

When will I see the results from Kybella?

You may notice improvements in your profile about two to four months after starting your injections. The skin naturally tightens as the fat disappears.

Once the fat is gone, it won’t come back, and results are long-term as long as you maintain your weight. 

Kybella is a safe and effective treatment for getting rid of submental fat. When diet and exercise can’t get rid of your double chin, you have options. Call Salida Dermatology or use the online booking button to learn more about Kybella and how it can work for you.


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